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let me know if you would like to attend.

THIS IS A DRUG FREE EVENT!!!*** (my brother is allergic to any forms of narcotics,any illegal drug or any unlawfully possessed drug, and he would just explode and he would be dead.)

***The only drug aloud for this event is caffeine in the carbonated beverages called soda, pop, or soda pop.
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one last and final Bourgade show:

November 17th at Xtreme Wheels

i will have tickets sometime

don't get too worried, i think there will be enough tickets for all of you.

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i love when you are sitting by yourself or with a friend. just hanging out, chillin. then all of a sudden someone walks up to you and just sits down right next to you when there are other seats around. then this person just lets out his life story. like how he is a junior and that he went to GCC his first two years. now he is going to Buff State this semester and he is transfering to UB cause UB is "SUUWWEEET" and saying dude after everything he says. he just talks about his ex-girlfriend, getting wasted every night, living in an apartment with two guys and a girl (not a pizza place), and saying "fuck buff state, i am going to UB". then you and your friend are just sitting there, awkwardly, just shaking your head and just saying "yea" after everything he says. then you get to point where you want to leave this creep and you're like "o well we gotta go, we have class now". then this guy stands up and is like "well see you dudes later". then in your mind your like, "i really hope not".

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 Taken from AbsolutePunk.net:
Fans Report In: Recover
Posted on 10-20-07 by Jason Tate
Tonight at the Say Anything/Hellogoodbye Myspace Tour stop in Salt Lake City, Utah, I got a chance to talk to frontman Dan Keyes of Young Love and I asked him about a possible future with Recover and he said we should all keep our "eyes and ears open because something is definitely happening."

Submitted by Wheez"


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there must be something wrong with me. but it can't be the following things:

-getting very little sleep every night
-hating marshalls (sometimes)
-feeling sick
-not showering
-having fun in ANOTHER band
-actually being able to talk to my brother about stuff

i got it, maybe it's the fact that i still listen to Bourgade songs. whenever i listen to the recordings i just can't help but smile. i am so proud of myself for participating in a band with three rad dudes. even through some tough times. it was so worth it. every time i talk to alex he sometimes brings up that bourgade should play another show but i usually just shrug it off and i'm like "ahhh maybe". but now i think it would be cool to do it again. one final time. one time i picked up my brother and i was listening to the bourgade songs and he looks at me wierd and he said "why are you listening to your old band?". and i just smiled. it was the best time of my life. i wish he could expierence just playing music with his two best friends and a scary looking, smelly dude.

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 ever have that one time where you liked someone so much. but you knew things couldn't be the way you wanted. even if you wished so hard to make it happen. then all of a sudden it looks like things are going to go your way. it's like at the very end and you are expecting to have this very good thing happen to you. you are so excited. then all of a sudden it just goes the complete opposite direction. ever feel that? about someone you care about? it happened to me last night. i hate you, buffalo bills. you always break my heart, but i keep coming back...

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so i guess the guy that has been said to attack women and make them perform sexual acts was seen at Buffalo State. thank god he only goes for women in their 20's and 30's.

Faculty and Staff:

As many of
you are aware, there have been at least six robberies and sexual
assaults near Gates Circle and in surrounding neighborhoods, which are
close to campus and home to many of us.  Today(9/27) a student reported being approached on campus by someone fitting the description of the suspected assailant.

We urge everyone on and off campus to be very observant and careful, regardless of the time of day.  Please follow the safety guidelines posted on our website http://www.buffalostate.edu/offices/police/


The attached article from the Buffalo News
describes the suspect as, a black male in his 20s, about 5 feet 9
inches tall. He has short hair and often has been reported wearing a
green or gray hooded sweat shirt that is usually left open. In a couple
of the attacks, he appeared to be jogging. He arms himself with a box

If you are approached or have any information that may be helpful, please contact University Police at 878-6333.


Charles B. Kenyon, Ed.D.

Associate Vice President and Dean of Students

Buffalo State College

1300 Elmwood Ave.

Buffalo, NY 14222

telephone:  716-878-4618

fax:            716-878-3006

email:        mailto:kenyoncb@buffalostate.edu
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